Dental Technologies at the Tooth Place

The Tooth Place is proud to invest in advanced dental technologies that promote more comfortable experiences and precise diagnoses for our patients. Our modern dental office in Bolton, ON is equipped with digital imaging technologies, advanced cavity detection, laser dentistry and more! This technology allows our dentists to provide treatment that is effective, speedy, and precise for all ages.

When you visit the Tooth Place in Bolton, ON, you may experience any of the following dental technologies: 

Digital X-Rays

3D digital x-ray machine used at The Tooth PlaceAt the Tooth Place, we use digital x-rays to expose our patients to less radiation and promote a less invasive, more comfortable experience. Our digital x-ray systems allow safe, speedy imaging that is readily available to our dentists.  

Intraoral Camera

Our ultra-precise intraoral camera allows us to take a deeper look at areas of our patients' mouths, promoting more effective diagnoses and more effective dentist appointments. 

iTero Digital Impressions 

With iTero digital impressions at the Tooth Place, the unpleasant impression gel typically associated with dental impressions is replaced by a more relaxing, practical, and patient-friendly option. Instead of a viscous impression substance, the iTero intraoral Scanner enables our dentists to take a 3D digital scan of a patient’s teeth and dental impressions that can be used to craft orthodontic aligners, dental restorations, and more.

We're proud to invest in the iTero Intraoral Scanner to promote enhanced accuracy and a safer, more patient-friendly experience— without the use of uncomfortable, goopy mold material. 

Laser Dentistry

The Tooth Place uses laser dentistry procedures to deliver comfortable, precise treatments in a shorter time frame. Our dental lasers are used for a variety of procedures from periodontal therapy to cold sore treatments and early decay detection.

Icon® “No Drill” Fillings

ICON No-Drill Fillings tools used at The Tooth PlaceAt the Tooth Place, our dentists offer Icon “No Drill” Fillings for patients looking to treat a more mild case of tooth decay. "No Drill" fillings offer a more gentle filling option, eliminating the discomfort often associated with a dental drill. Instead, the Icon technique preserves more of the healthy structure of the infected tooth than a traditional dental drill. 

Experience Modern Dentistry at The Tooth Place 

The Tooth Place is proud to invest in our patients' comfort by offering digital dentistry, dental lasers, and more. Call our office today to experience modern dentistry in Bolton!  

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