Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bolton, ON

At The Tooth Place, we provide relief for teens and adults with wisdom teeth removal in Bolton, ON, and beyond. Our dental experts offer a range of wisdom tooth removal options, including extracting impacted wisdom teeth. Typically appearing in your late teens or early twenties, these troublesome teeth can lead to various oral health problems. However, with our expertise, we can remove them promptly and prevent any decay or alignment issues affecting your smile.

Wisdom Teeth Evaluation at The Tooth Place

In the late teens or early twenties, many patients start experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars. These troublesome teeth can cause pain or swelling in the back of the mouth. At The Tooth Place in Bolton, ON, we use advanced dental imaging technologies to assess the need for tooth removal, even in complex cases like impacted wisdom teeth.

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Is it time to have your wisdom teeth removed? Our team focuses on a comfortable for every patient. Call today to schedule your consultation! 

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